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Likan Computers is founded on three core Values: Service, Honesty and Openness.

Company Foundation

We pride ourselves in being able to enable our customers find solutions to their own issues by providing adequate and simple analysis of the challenges facing them in the day to day running of their business or institutions.

We have a strong conviction that we are not just ‘’I.T TRADERS’’ but partners in your processes irrespective of your industry sector.

Broader Product Base

LIKAN COMPUTERS is continuously expanding its quest to offer a wider range of ICT products to its clientele as we increase our market share; this will result in greater customer satisfaction as more of their needs will be met.

LIKAN COMPUTERS wishes to avail a variety of these products by expanding its product lines to include all the major brands such as Mecer, Sony, Acer, Gateway, Dell, HP, IBM and Fujitsu Siemens.

Our People


LIKAN COMPUTERS has a very competent and qualified team. Our Technical Sales team members are IT graduates from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and MultiMedia University. Likan Computers believes in equal opportunity, to this end, 70% of our employees are women.