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Sony VPL-EX100 Projector


  • Cost-efficient & Energy efficient design
  • Long-lasting Lamp
  • ECO mode button
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Front exhaust
  • Auto keystone adjustment

The Sony VPL-EX100 is the entry level and least expensive projector of Sony’s VPL-E Series. This is a comparison of the VPL-EX100 (MSRP $750) to its more expensive and sophisticated sibling, the VPL-EX175 (MSRP $1420), which we reviewed.

The VPL-EX100 is different in many ways. It is significantly less bright with 2300 lumens, compared to the VPL-EX175, almost 40% brighter at 3600 lumens. The contrast ratio of the VPL-EX100 is 2200:1 as opposed to its sibling’s 4000:1. What that means for the VPL-EX100′s colors is that they will not pop nearly as much. With a single, one watt speaker, the VPL-EX100 can handle presentations in smaller group environments where audio is not critical. The VPL-EX175 is more than adequately equipped to present in large venues such as conference and training rooms with its 10 watt speaker.


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